The Chess Players 1977

It is the year 1856. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah is the king of Awadh, one of the last independent kingdoms of India. The British colonialists, intent on controlling this rich land, have sent general Outram on a secret mission to clear the way for an annexation. Pressure is mounting amidst intrigue and political manoeuvres, but the Nawab whiles away his time in pursuit of pleasure and religious practice. The court is of no help either—Court nobles Mir and Mirza, ignoring the situation of their country and all their duties towards their families, spend their days playing endless games of chess. The film is based on Munshi Premchand's short story of the same name.

Players 2010

Players is an American comedy series which premiered on the Spike network on March 2, 2010. The series is a partially scripted/mostly improvised comedy about two brothers who run a sports bar together. After airing 3 episodes, Players was removed from the Spike schedule and put on hiatus. The remaining seven episodes from season one were pushed back to air beginning July 21, 2010. Spike aired the final four episodes back-to-back on August 14, 2010.

Players 2002

Players is a former TV show that ran on G4 starting in 2002. It was one of the launch programs for the G4 network. The main premise of the show was to interview famous celebrities and see if they played video games or not, what their favorite ones were, etc. The show was cancelled in December, 2004, but still aired occasionally until January 6, 2006. Celebrities featured included Asia Carrera, David Arquette, David Hoffman, Alec Baldwin, Chris Carmack and the Barenaked Ladies.

Players 1997

Three young ex-cons track down criminals as a part of a new FBI program.

Gentlemen and Players 1988

Gentlemen and Players is a British television series produced by TVS Television for the ITV network. An aspirational late 1980s drama series, Gentlemen and Players dealt with the struggles and intrigues involving two business rivals, Bo Beaufort and Mike Savage. Two series were made between 1988 and 1989, comprising 13 episodes in total. ⁕Bo Beaufort - Brian Protheroe ⁕Mike Savage - Nicholas Clay ⁕Sandy Savage - Claire Oberman ⁕Jane Somerville - Edita Brychta ⁕Eleanor Beaufort - Faith Brook ⁕Paula Savage - Debra Beaumont

Chicagoland Mystery Players

Chicagoland Mystery Players was a live television series first shown on local station WGN-TV in Chicago starting in 1947, then picked up by the DuMont Television Network and first aired on the network September 11, 1949. The 30-minute show aired on Sundays at 8pm ET. The series was one of several on DuMont that began in a local TV market before being picked up nationally. DuMont dropped the program on July 23, 1950, and it's unknown if it continued in Chicago for any time. When the series aired on WGN-TV in Chicago, viewers were not given the solution to the crime. Instead they were told to pick up the next day's Chicago Tribune to find out the solution to the mystery. WGN-TV was owned by the Tribune.

The Golden Age Players

The Golden Age Players is a Canadian children's dramatic television series which aired on CBC Television in 1957.

ABC Television Players

ABC Television Players was an early live television program which ran on the ABC network from January through October 1949. The program was originally called ABC Television Players, then ABC Tele-Players, then finally ABC Penthouse Players. The program was a series of 30-minute, live dramatic presentations, containing little-known actors. It was narrated by Donald Gallaher, a Hollywood actor whose name was sometimes misspelled as Don Gallagher. The show was broadcast live from Chicago.

The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players 2010

The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players was a ten-part television series presented by the NFL Network in 2010. The series was based on a list of the top 100 National Football League players of all time, as compiled by a "blue-ribbon" panel assembled by the NFL Network. The members of the panel were current and former NFL coaches, players, executives, and members of the media. Each episode, broadcast each Thursday from September 3 to November 4, 2010, introduced a group of 10 players from the list, starting with the players ranked 100 through 91, and moving up the list each week. The final episode, premiering on November 4, 2010, introduced the top 10 players of all time according to the panel. Jerry Rice was chosen as the top player of all time, with Jim Brown as the second choice. The highest ranked defensive player was Lawrence Taylor, he was voted number three.

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